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For 1 - 5 Players
Age: 8+ (or 6+)
Contents: 5 Jigsaws, each with 48 pieces; 1 set of rules

BLUE is from the series Factor-5 and is the first jigsaw in which you can compete against other players. You must quickly find suitable pieces to make the jigsaw and then swap the pieces which are the wrong colour - you will be surprised by how many possibilities there are.
The games in Factor-5 each consist of five nearly identical jigsaws. Each jigsaw has a letter identifying it (A, B, C, D and E), towards the up-per left corner.

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The piece of the jigsaw with the identifying letter is the Starting piece. Each jigsaw has the same picture, but a total of 43 different objects in the picture have different colours.


Clicker Spiele - Stephan Riedel
Montforter Straße 10, 67824 Feilbingert

The Game
If playing BLUE solitaire, you choose two, three, four or all five jigsaws according to the desired level of difficulty (five jigsaws is the hardest), break up the jigsaws and mix up all the pieces. You now have to put the jigsaws back together one after another, but don't worry about match-ing the different coloured objects during this stage.

Having completed the jigsaws many of the objects will be the wrong colour, and you must now swap the wrong pieces around between the jigsaws.