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Logic game at its best

for 2 - 4 players, 10 years and up


by Stephan Riedel

Graphics: Christian Opperer

The game is language independent



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Brief Description

We go back to the year 1910. It is busy in the coffee houses located throughout Vienna. The Café Central is a popular meeting point for famous personalities from Art, Literature, Politics and Science.

Players receive victory points by cleverly placing different visitors in specific locations within the Cafe. Before a visitor can be seated at a table, they must first reserve their seat.

Some want to sit at a round table while others may like the grey table or the olive green chair. As the game progresses, each visitor’s seat preferences will be narrowed until there is only one location that meets their needs.



With the help of reservation cards and the related markers that are placed by the players during the game, the number of chairs a visitor can be seated in is reduced. For example: If a visitor wants to sit at a round table and at a turquoise chair, a player can attempt to reduce the number of possible locations available until there is just one marker left and the seat of the visitor is determined.

Action cards can also be used by players during the game to assist with the seating of a visitor or score additional victory points.


  • 92 reservation cards

  • 28 action cards

  • 124 different wooden marker in 6 colours

  • 40 visitor tiles (24 guests and 16 personalities)

  • 1 steward

  • 1game board

  • 1 rules


"Points come from placing visitors in the café with possible bonuses at the end where players' guests share tables with personalities. This is a clever, subtle game, whose atmosphere is enhanced by the terrific illustrations – each guest is a unique drawing." Pevans UK














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