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"CAFE MELANGE was a very low-profile new game from last Essen. But when I passed by Clicker Spiele’s booth, the artwork quickly drew my attention. After chatting briefly with Stephan (designer), understanding its mechanic and theme, I quickly snapped up a copy since the game scope would fit nicely into our Retreat."

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"Points come from placing visitors in the café with possible bonuses at the end where players' guests share tables with personalities. This is a clever, subtle game, whose atmosphere is enhanced by the terrific illustrations – each guest is a unique drawing."

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"By deduction (a mechanism that we do encounter more often in Clicker  games you will be in this game to find a proper solution to this problem. People who are fond of logical games will enjoy this delicious Café melange" www.geelpionneke.be 2014

From the graphical point of view if you do not know who the publisher is German I would bet on a French production, from the mechanical point of view if they had told me that this game was the new flagship game of Days of Wonder have believed it.
I invite you to look for it and to prove it, I for what little I tried it and I liked it not that I had the return luggage already full I would have bought instantly, however, sooner or later will come in my little private collection

Federico  2013 giochisulnostrotavolo.it

Finally, the game can get intensive thinking on a relatively short period of time game, and this has a fairly intuitive rules, so perfect for a warm-up before more serious titles.https://ciekawegry.wordpress.com

Po Cafe Melange będę sięgać. To dobra planszówka i trening dla mózgu. Jak już skonstruuje się swą misterną taktykę, a przeciwnik ma tendencję do zamulania, można obejrzeć sobie przy niej film. Poza tym w instrukcji mamy apendyks, w którym pokrótce nakreślono profil każdego z prominentów. Zachęca to do zapoznania się z dziełami tych ludzi poza planszą.










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