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The Story

At daybreak on the 24th July 1715 a fleet of eleven ships weighed anchor in Havana. Out of fear of attack, the Spanish had not risked sending even a single one of their silver fleet back to their homeland for two years. The War of Spanish Succession with Great Britain and the Netherlands had made the journey too dangerous.
The fleet was loaded with the most valuable cargo that the oceans had ever carried; the ships bearing gold and silver equivalent to a value of 86 million dollars.
The ships also had three iron chests, filled to the brim with jewels of immeasurable value. The chests were meant for Isabella Farnese of Parma, the new wife of the Spanish King.
The fleet passed the Bahamas on the 29th July and set course for Cape Canaveral. During the night the sea suddenly became increasingly heavy and a hurricane drove the ships on to the reef-studded coast.

By the morning of the 31st July the storm was over. On the coast of Florida there lay hundreds of corpses in the midst of gold bullion, silver coins and cannons.

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Graphic: Bernhard Kilchmann


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The Game
The players have clue cards on their hands. On these cards are information like „The Nao was located in 22ft of water" or „The Concepciòn had jewelry on board" or „The San Miguel was a Capitana type of ship".

With the help of the information on the clue cards the players try to find out which ship is sunk at which location. The player who solves his mission first is the winner.