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Old Town


Gads Hill 1874

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Old Town

Gads Hill 1874




Game board with 16 places for buildings

Game board with 25 places for buildings

Longer duration of the game

18 buildings

22 (25) buildings

see above

All 3 types of cards have the same backside

The 3 types of cards have different backsides

Players can decide which card they draw.

Graphic: Stephan Riedel

Graphic: Christian Opperer

Grafik by a professional



Depending on the number of players the pile will be sorted For every type of cards exists one piles No more costly sorting of the cards
Every player gets 2 buildings Every player gets 5 buildings (for 4 players) Better planning at the beginning of the game.
If a player has no building any more he takes a new building Optional the players can buy another building Other players can be forced to buy new buildings



Per turn the players play one card Per turn the players can play up to 2 cards The players have more influence on playing the cards and on the situation on the board
The player discards 2 not playable cards and can remove one marker The player discards 2 cards and can remove one marker The players have more options
End of the game: All 16 places are occupied End of the game: 22 places out of 25 are occupied. A lokomotive shows the status of the game

At the end of the game the number of contradictory  cards is reduced

No expansions available Some expansions will be presented (e.g. for 5 players, cooperative game) A long lasting fun to play













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