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Expansion for the Boardgame Schinderhannes

Julchen: for 2 players, 10 years and up

Schwarzer Peter: for 2-4 players, 10 years and up

by Stephan Riedel

Graphics: Christian Opperer




Juliana Blasius (Bläsius; Julchen) (*22. August 1781 in Weierbach (today Idar-Oberstein); † 3. Juli 1851 dto.) was the last robber bride of Johannes Bückler (c.1778 – 21 November 1803), nicknamed Schinderhannes. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juliana_Blasius

Brief Description

Addition mission cards define the location where a particular crime has been committed (the symbol on the card indicates the applicable crime). At the end of the game the players flip over their mission cards and receive points any they were able to accomplish.


  • 16 Clue Markers

  • 4 for marking

  • 32 Mission Cards

  • 1 Rules

Brief Description

Als einer der berüchtigtsten Räuber in Deutschland gilt Johann Peter Petri, genannt „Peter Petri der Ältere“, der „alte Schwarzpeter“ oder der „alte Schwarze Peter“. An diesen Ganoven erinnert heute

der Name eines bekannten Kartenspiels für Kinder. Er war im 19. Jahrhundert unter dem Namen „Schwarzer Peter“ noch wesentlich populärer als Johannes Bückler (1777–1803) alias „Schinderhannes“, der heute meistens als berühmtester deutscher Räuber bezeichnet wird. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Peter_Petri


  • 8 Schwarzer Peter Cards

  • 1 Rules


"As you probably can tell, I like this game quite a bit. It is original, the theme is very well integrated and the gameplay is quick and exciting. Compared to Tobago, which awed me with its components then let me down with its fiddliness and an unsatisfying close-but-no-cigars feel, this feels much more streamlined; the decisions way more meaningful. Plus you get to meet my boyhood hero Robin Hood...kind of."

Manuel Pasi, BGG




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